Our Benefits

HIGH PERFORMANCE SALESGenerate new business opportunities that positions our client's and their company's to quickly secure new and profitable sales in the Commercial and Government Petroleum Oils & Lubricants community.
STRONG INDUSTRY RELATIONSHIPSIntroduce and build long-term business relationships for our client's and their company's with Commercial and Government Prime Contractors that hold existing Government Petroleum Oils & Lubricants contracts.
EXPANDED BRAND RECOGNITIONPromote a positive image for our client's and their company's across the Commercial and Government Petroleum Oils & Lubricants industry facilitating strong business growth and success.

Our Qualifications

A Few Words About Jeffreys Technical Services

Jeffreys Technical Services and its team is led by Danny "Mac" Jeffreys, President & CEO.

Jeffreys Technical Services provides highly experienced and qualified independent sales representation for companies seeking to expand and grow sales and profits in the Commercial and Government Petroleum Oils & Lubricants industry. Danny "Mac" Jeffreys, President & CEO, leads the organization and brings over 40 years of experience in the Petroleum Oils & Lubricants industry.

The Jeffreys Technical Services team has extensive working knowledge and understanding in most all areas of Commercial and Government petroleum inventory, transportation, facility management and distribution systems. Mr. Jeffreys himself is a Master Instructor in Fuels Quality Control & Inspection and ECAMP protocols. When it comes to penetrating, expanding and growing new sales in the Petroleum Oils & Lubricants industry, there is no better partner the Jeffrey's Technical Services.

CONTACT US today to discuss your business interest in generating new sales opportunities in this expanding and profitable industry. We will share our successful and cost-effective process for generating new business opportunity across an extensive Commercial and Government Prime Contractor Network to quick grow your business and operations in the Petroleum Oils & Lubricants industry.


(1) Petroleum, Oils, and Lubricant (POL), fuels operations, environmental, spill abatement, tank cleaning, tank repair, vapor recovery, and leak detection system.

(2) Fuels quality control and inspection protocols.

(3) Review of government and contract petroleum operations for bid solicitations for fuels inventory/transportation and fuels facility distribution systems.


- Associate of Science Petroleum Logistics, CCAF
- Associate of Science Instructor Technology, CCAF
- Petroleum Quality Assurance Representative Course (QAR)
- Military Leadership/Management Courses NCO and SNCO Investment in Excellence, Lou Tice Graduate
- USACE Economic Analysis for Military Construction
- In-House Title II Training Seminar
- Rockhurst University, “Building Team Player Thinking”
- DESC Overview Course
- DESC Bulk Fuels Course
- DESC Facility and Distribution Management Course
- J07 Into-Plane Quality Assurance Course
- Defense Logistics Agency RCRA Generator Compliance Course 3AZR63190
- Petroleum Logistics Management Course 8B-A33/821-A2
- Petroleum Quality Assurance Representative Inspection/Loading Discharge of Petroleum Tankers/Barges
- DoD Computer Literacy for Managers
- Air Transportable Hydrant Refueling Systems
- 3AZR63150 Aviation Monitoring Specialist
- 2ASR63150 Automated Accounting System
- 3ABR63130 Fuels Specialist
- Fuels Automated Systems (FAS) Instructor
- Joint Operational Planning Systems